Plan a Holiday

Plan a Holiday

Plan a Holiday

Plan a Holiday

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Holidays were meant to be relaxing and fun. Unfortunately the last 10 years has seen a drastic change in the way people go on holiday and who is to blame the changes in policy and how seriously they are taken.

It is Crocodile Dundee in a nature reserve in Australia; a brand new low impact development; a 2 bedroom house within a 2 sq km radius of a rural village; 38 beers on tap in a pub; a professional football team; the most beautiful Polo Club in the world; a huge international airport; 3 international power stations; the most expensive motorway in the world and so on and so on. Plan a Holiday

And so to change the perspective a little, I have undertaken the task of imaging how I would look having went on holiday and seen all that has been thrown at me, as well as the normal everyday things that go on in our homes; leaving my comfortable home behind me and dipping in to the affects of a new culture and a new country. Plan a Holiday

Below I have outlined 7 things that will probably occur if I decide to move to Australia. I hope you find them amusing and hilarious and above all important. Plan a Holiday

1. You will be unable to understand how a large continent such as Australia can accommodate 2 separate countries; one having a different language, different laws and different religions; I guess the best way to see how this works is to go to Australia and then come back and reside there for a year or so and then return to the UK. Once you have done that, you will find that you can understand how it works as there are lots of small things that will throw you off balance. Plan a Holiday

2. An extended time in an Australian home will mean that you will be more likely to grow closer to your family; maybe not as quickly as in a UK home where you are still closely tied to your family because you were born there.

3. An Australian work visa will be of more value to you than a UK visa because you will be able to work for less pay. While you cannot rely on a full time job to fund your travel, the types of jobs available can make it a possibility. Plan a Holiday

4. There is a great attitude to life and people in Australia, in my opinion one of the best I have seen in the British Isles. While in the UK we had a term in our schools called “idays” what we were told to do when we had time off was to “hurry up and go”. Not so much in Australia where every day is a holiday.

5. The Mardi Gras was the highlight of my trip to Australia where I was awed by the infinite variety of people and groups who come from backgrounds different from mine and only a short distance from my home. There were mixed in with the crowds of rollerblading teens and costumed partiers at thestroke. What a great way to end a fun week at the beach with some great company.

6. Whitby is a great location for a short car hire break. The old town there is small enough to drive around in 20 minutes where else would you get this great a view. Not that the area doesn’t have plenty more to offer it is at the bottom of the East Cost and is quite a well known tourist hotspot.

7. The surfing here in Australia is excellent. In fact I own the beach here so I’m not biased there, but others have put money on my ability to be a great surfing tourist. It’s been some time now though whether surfing is in fact what draws visitors or whether it’s the surroundings of Australia’s west, I’m not sure but there is something here for everyone and that’s what makes it one of my favourite spots in the world.

So that’s my short list for places I’d love to revisit; it’s a recycled list from earlier in the year (June/July) when I first visited Australia, some of the places I’d love to see if I was allowed to return but now things have changed and I’m not sure that’s it’s quite the right way around.

Juggling:Ballooning and Parasailing

Fancy a spot of fancy? Ballooning in Sydney or Victoria might be my two Cities of fancy. We had a fantastic day out at Whussie (my favourite restaurant) on the 28th of July where we stayed well into the night and had a nice multi meal Aussie inspired dinner of Pilau side dishes.

Prickly Pear Cottage on the West Coast is still on the beaten path and so is Brindabella Beach, so named because it’s lined by strips of tall prickly pear trees. We took a boat trip through theKnowledgeall watersand managed to get across so we didn’t get too dirty, managed to find a few good spots for picnics and took a tour of the nearby reef.

Plan a Holiday